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Is WordPress hard to learn?

I’ve been hearing this a lot recently, that WordPress is too hard, WordPress has a steep learning curve, WordPress is only for people who code. It’s just not true.

The great thing about WordPress is there are so many tools and resources that make it accessible for all levels. From beginners who don’t know anything about making a website, right through to developers who can code a website from scratch.

There is one catch though – you will need to spend a bit of time getting to know the basics of WordPress in order to be successful.

So is it just WordPress that requires some training? Nope, I believe every single website building platform out there requires you to spend some time learning the ropes and getting your head around how everything works in order to build a successful website that actually works.

Even the ones that sell themselves as being super easy like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly will still have most people struggling, and the failure rate is pretty high for people who aren’t confident with technology.

Everything is hard until you know how… then it’s simple.

WordPress is exactly the same, and the quickest way to learn is through an online course that will take the struggle out of figuring everything out yourself.

So what do you need to learn WordPress?


  • To get set up and install WordPress might only take a few hours, but designing your website and putting in your content will likely take a lot longer.


These are the main things you need to learn in order to create yourself a WordPress website.

  • Learn how to purchase website hosting & domain name.
  • Learn how to install WordPress on your web hosting.
  • Learn about plugins & how to use them. (Plugins are like little pieces of software that you install on your website. Plugins add extra functionality to your website).
  • Learn about Themes & how to use them. (Themes are basically the look and feel of your website and can be customised to suit your branding & style preferences).
  • Learn how to add content to your website, including pages, blog posts, portfolio items and media.
  • Learn how to integrate your website with social media, email newsletter & other marketing options.
  • Learn how to keep your website secure


You have 2 main options here:

FREE: Trawl the internet for WordPress tutorials and information

  • Learn on the go. Great if you have an understanding about what you need out of your website and what you want to achieve. Eg. lots of online tutorials will show you how to install WordPress but won’t go into much detail about how to design your website or what content to put on it.
  • Complete beginners might find this method a bit overwhelming and won’t necessarily know what they need to learn leading to beginner mistakes.
  • This method is generally the most time consuming for complete beginners.

PAID: Take a online course and fast track your learning

  • Avoid beginners mistakes and make the right decisions for your website goals.
  • Find a course that contains everything you want to learn about. Do you want guidance on designing your website as well as content and marketing options?
  • Learn about how to keep your website secure from hackers & bots.
  • Some courses include support if you can stuck or aren’t sure about something.
  • Be guided through the process of choosing a design theme, plugins you might need how to integrate marketing solutions into your website.


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Lucy Jordanoff

Hey! I’m Lucy Jordanoff – the founder of StruggleFix. I’m a freelance WordPress web designer and mother with a passion for helping other mums in business to build their own websites from scratch.

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